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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities Available




  To perform all blood collection processes on donors to enhance the well being of our community by providing safe, adequate and economical supply of blood products.

Must be able to work on average 40-55 hours per week, including early mornings, late evenings and weekends.

Duties and Responsibilities:    

  • Always maintain a safe and hazard free work environment by following the policies and procedures of Medic’s safety guidelines and AABB standards.
  • Perform all aspects of blood collection of donors, included but not limited to: maintaining high customer service, verifying all information of donor, drawing blood, and performing aftercare of the donor.
  •  Evaluate potential donor’s eligibility by verification of vein status in both antecubital areas.
  • Perform sterile scrub and venipuncture.
  • Verify correct identification of donor and recheck donor information forms for accuracy and completeness.
  • Perform post phlebotomy care, proper disposition of unit, and give post-care instructions to each donor.
  • Ability to understand and promote all aspects of Medic donor programs, including but not limited to: Medic membership and types of donations
  • Ensure all quality standards are upheld by following all policies of Medic, Medic’s Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), state regulations and AABB 
  • Demonstrate a high level of customer service, team work, professionalism and confidentiality 
  • Continuously develop skill sets with attending any of the following: education programs, in-service training, and seminars.
  • Ability to cross train and perform functions of screeners/ interviewers.
  • Adheres to MEDIC’s Customer Service Policy.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Email resumes to hr@medicblood.org or click on this link to complete an application.

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